A Brief Discussion of My Work

Des Connor - ArtistAs an artist, I have been interested only in painting. I have no interest in doing sculpture and very little interest in it as such. Also, I have only had a few ideas that might be called contemporary art.
My interest has been mainly to do with what can be expressed with, and what pleasures can gained from, puting a little bit of paint on a small surface, and using the basic elements of line, form and color.
However, my interests do extend to pattern making and the decorative applications of graphic design.

Realist work

In my youth, when I decided to devote myself to painting, I had what you might call the average person’s exposure to art. My paintings started out with cubist and expressionist elements before moving to a more realist form. I didn’t like heavily modelled forms and my interest then went to the more graphic styles of Japanese woodblock prints and Byzantine art.

Graphic work

Des Connor - TigerThe more graphic nature of my art – linear, flat areas of colour, the removal of shadows and modelling – has with some works moved further away from realism. These works, however, are more realist than the blackline and abstract works.

Des Connor - OrangesBlackline

The blackline works allow me to do works that are more fanciful with line and color. Some of these works go very close to being abstractions.

Des Connor - Red ArcAbstraction

My first abstractions were simple geometric shapes. Part of my thinking with these was that I was trying to show the beauty of the found object, a colored geometric shape. Later, some abstractions obviously have some representational and landscape connections. So, my abstractions are not you might call pure abstractions – my abstractions are either something or reference something.

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