Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier – Artist Unknown – Pastel on paper 40x31cm

This work, a pastel of a Norfolk Terrier is signed with the initials OK but is done by someone otherwise unknown and executed possibly as early as the 19th century. Probably the work of an amateur artist or even the owner of the dog, with an intention to achieve a likeness but with a wonderful instinct for aesthetics creating more than a likeness and conveying such strong emotion.

Kazimir Malevich - Head of a Peasant (circa 1911)

Kazimir Malevich – Head of a Peasant (circa 1911) – Gouache and charcoal on paper 46x46cm

Kazimir Malevich’s “Head of a Peasant” is the work of a professional artist, someone who has had some years of study and critical experience from teachers and others. He creates a vibrant and interesting work with novel forms. This work also conveys strong emotion, though in this case it is more difficult to identify exactly what that emotion is referring to, and maybe to say it is more abstract is an accurate way to describe it.

Though I cannot say one is intrinsically better than the other, both being great works of art, there is a market place that puts a much higher value on one. It is encouraging to see that their recent auction values were substantially above the auction estimates.

Link to Sothebys catalogue notes for Malevich’s “Head of a Peasant”.

Link to Sothebys catalogue entry for Norfolk Terrier.


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