Damien Hirst - Gone but not forgotten (2014)

Damien Hirst – Gone but not Forgotten (2014)

It is interesting to see how some works of art come about.

I usually think of an artist working away, following his or her own emotional impulses to produce their best works. But sometimes an artist is edged in an unusual direction to create a great work of art.

I was listening to some French opera dance music on the radio and started thinking about all those composers who reluctantly complied with the expectation for Paris opera to include dance sequences, yet this has delivered some wonderful music. Also, I had just heard the story about Engelbert Humperdinck, the German composer, and how he was initially reluctant to work on the music for Hansel and Gretal suggested by his sister, then went on to create his best work. As well, there are all those great renaissance paintings basically done as commissions, including the very famous “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.

Although “Gone but not Forgotten” is not really an unusual direction for Damien Hirst, these thoughts are somewhat applicable in this case as the initial impetus for the work came from someone who had a collection of mammoth bones.
See Artnet article for more details.


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