Donald Baechler - Owl (Further Lane) -1992

Donald Baechler – Owl (Further Lane) -1992 – gesso, gouache, coffee, pencil and paper collage – 77x58cm

I have always enjoyed the image making of Donald Baechler. While not really understanding any other level of reference or subject that he may be alluding to, the visual aesthetics have always appealed to me. Some of the elements can look a bit like cliche contemporary additions but are visually satisfying.

The rhyme or reason for his image making is a bit like the chicken and the egg story; what comes first, the intuitive image making or the reason for it?

As with Miró’s and Jackson Pollock’s surrealist, improvisational approach, Baechler allows the viewers thoughts to complete any conscious or subconscious layer of meaning in the work.

Here again we have that mysterious connection between the visual aesthetics and emotion.

Donald Baechler - Composition with hat (1990)

Donald Baechler – Composition with hat (1990) – ink, gesso, Flashe, coffee, graphite and collage on paper – 132x102cm

Donald Baechler - Hybrid tulip #4 (1993)

Donald Baechler – Hybrid tulip #4 (1993) – gouache, gesso, graphite, ink, fabric, printed paper and paper collage on paper – 132x102cm


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