Joan Miro - Untitled (1947)

Joan Miró – Untitled (1947) – oil on canvas – 92x122cm

Obviously relaxed and confident at a height of fame and fortune in his career, Miró allowed his execution of this painting to be filmed and the work was completed in one day. It was then given to the filmmaker, an American acquaintance; so it was not destined for an important gallery show. This happened at the end of a trip to the United States where he also completed a  commission.

The unique circumstances of its execution may have contributed to giving this work its individuality and character, when compared with most of Miró’s prodigious output of this time and later, done with his improvisational approach which often gives me a first impression of another random, inexplicable variation of the one idea. However, this work has sparked an initial curiosity and interest and has seriously “grown on me”.


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