Damien Hirst - Ethanol-2-c (2007)

Damien Hirst – Ethanol-2-c (2007) – Household gloss on canvas – 160x175cm

The trouble with becoming rich and setting up a massive workshop for the contemporary artist is that the artist can now indulge every whim, half-baked idea that crosses his mind. Would Damien Hirst create all those dot paintings if he had to do the manual labour himself? If he was doing all the work, requiring a substantial commitment of time and energy, wouldn’t thoughts about the quality of the work be more pressing? The celebrity status of the artist helps to create the demand for these works, providing employment and maintaining an industry. But is this good for the quality of the art?

Jeff Koons - Lobster (2003)

Jeff Koons – Lobster (2003) – polychromed aluminum – 246x50x94cm


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